Not surprisingly, once you get closer to hitting the 30 mark you suddenly start to care less and less about things that were of utter importance to you at some point or another. Check out this article for a few examples.

Your twenties are the perfect time to experiment and get to know yourself better. Hopefully, you get to discover your passions and allow your true self to shine. Maybe you get to travel a little. Maybe you focus on building the foundation of a great career. Maybe you meet a wonderful person you’re ready to share the rest of your life with. Whatever it is, it’s always an exciting journey.

You grow up, more or less, and start to figure out what your priorities and values truly are. Suddenly, some of the things you used to really care about in the past don’t matter anymore. And that’s not a bad thing. Here are a few examples.


Reaching certain milestones

When you were little, you likely thought you would have your life all figured out by the time you’re 25. You’ll be married, live in a big and tastefully-decorated apartment, have a blossoming career. Once you actually enter your twenties though, you begin to understand how unreasonable those expectations were.

You find out that life doesn’t go as expected. Maybe you switch majors, maybe you don’t graduate from college at all, maybe it’s going to take you some time to figure out what you want to do next. You change jobs and significant others. When you start to near age 30, timeframes don’t seem to matter that much anymore. You learn that it’s important to listen to your intuition and hit those silly milestones only when the time feels right to you.


Having weekend plans

When you were younger, it was all about which parties you would be at on the weekend. Now, not having plans isn’t the end of the world anymore. In fact, it can actually be refreshing. You can catch up on sleep, spend a quiet night in with some steamy romance novels, hit the farmer’s market and restock your fridge.

Also, you begin to say no to plans you’re not really excited about. In the past, you might have accepted an invitation just so that you’d have somewhere to go or because your friends pressured you to tag along. Those times are over. Your social life now consists of events you’re sure you’re going to enjoy yourself at. And if you don’t, you’re not going to sulk. Getting a cab and going on seems like a much better option.


Impressing others

Impressing people falls off your to-do list once you get close to hitting the 30 mark. You’re more comfortable with who you are and you know by now that you can’t please everybody all the time. And you shouldn’t try so hard to make sure other people are happy. Fitting in also stops being a top priority. Dressing a certain way, buying certain gadgets, listening to certain songs just because you want to feel like you’re part of a group? Nobody has time or patience for that anymore.

On the same note, you stop listening to what others have to say about your life and what you should do next. Unless it’s a good friend offering useful advice, you politely shut down the conversation. It’s so much better to do your own thing than to strive to live by everybody else’s expectations.


Holding grudges

People have hurt you, wronged you, or broken your heart. Once upon a time, you used to dwell on those feelings for months, or even years, at a time. Now, you just try to put those hurtful memories behind you and move on. You stop blaming your family, friends, or ex-partners for things they did or didn’t do and you do your best to accept the situation as it is today. Nobody is perfect. You’ve wronged people too. Wouldn’t you want to be let off the hook?

Also, hopefully you start to forgive yourself about your past mistakes as well. You’ve managed to get past them and learn something in the process. No matter how stupid they were, they’re behind you now. No good can come from constantly living in the past. The present is so much more exciting.


Growing up

Maybe there is no such thing as a “real adult.” Maybe we never grow up, we just learn to act accordingly in public. When you’re in your late twenties, you stop worrying about what adulthood is supposed to look like. Because you know that, secretly, we’re all still kids inside. Some just fake it better than others.

And so, slowly but steadily, your thirties stop seeming so scary. When did that happen?